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How it Works

Launched in 2000 with a clear vision of wholesome young women getting naked and having fun, a strong focus on ethical practices, paying fair rates, and caring for staff, has led the adult industry.

Contract Shoot Producers participate in comprehensive training, before beginning to produce shoots with us.

We prepare and provide models for Contract Shoot Producers to plan and produce a shoot of, typically several per month. Directly after the shoot, metadata is entered into company databases.

Then, the Contract Shoot Producer delivers the complete and unedited shoot (consisting of stills, video, and paperwork) to us by SFTP. We post-produce (typically within 7 days), then the shoot is assessed against criteria that matches the Training. The Shoot Producer invoices us, and we pay promptly.

Finally, the shoot is released on (warning, explicit nudity) to paying customers.


Payment for a shoot depends on its Assessment.

  • 1.Unacceptable

  • €100

    Per Shoot
  • 2.Poor

  • €270

    Per Shoot
  • 3.Acceptable

  • €450

    Per Shoot
  • Most shoots are paid at this rate
  • 4.Excellent

  • €550

    Per Shoot
  • 5.Game-Changing

  • €675

    Per Shoot

(Note: BV is a Dutch company, so we pay in Euro. When you invoice us, we pay you in Euro, which are converted to your local currency at the time of transfer. Check for the current conversion rate – they vary a little daily).

At HQ, we take one day to shoot this, and recommend you do as well – it’s a solid 9 hours of work, especially when starting out. This fee is for you – we pay the model separately, direct to her.

For the fee paid to you, we expect a totally complete shoot. From the fee we pay comes everything you need to produce the shoot – location, camera, lighting, assistants, food, props, set dressing, vehicle, Internet transfers, printing, scanning – everything.

Shoots are reviewed and assessed by our expert staff (who are shoot producers) or other Contract Shoot Producers (like you), and detailed practical feedback is provided – what was good, why it was good, what was bad, why it’s bad, how to improve it in future (see an example shoot review; see the assessment criteria, PDF). All feedback is directly related to the training materials provided, so it’s easy to go back and review them to understand a concept better.

Once your training is complete, we guarantee we’ll buy each shoot you produce, but the amount paid will depend on the assessment.

The Application Process

The application process allows us to see if we're right for each other.

We have extremely stringent brand guidelines that Contract Shoot Producers must know before they begin shooting.

- -


We provide training around our brand guidelines, to help Producers understand what we require in a shoot, and to earn the most money possible.

Our goal is to provide you with everything you need to create amazing, high-quality shoots. To facilitate this, we maintain a suite of self-directed learning packages (SDLP’s) on (under “The Essentials”). After learning about some fundamental aspects of our paradigm, the focus is on creative areas, with some administration and legals.

Each lesson come with workbooks, videos, quizzes, tests and assignments. This training assumes an in-depth knowledge of capturing images digitally, with still and video cameras. The training is all done online, and a modern computer is required to access the material, and complete the assignments (MS Word and Excel, or Google Docs and Sheets is fine).

The typical pattern for the online training is to watch a 30-minute video and take notes, then complete an assignment to solidify the learning. The assignment is submitted to your Trainer by email, who reviews and responds with feedback and a pass / fail assessment (usually within one business day). There are 27 learning areas, so each one is about two hours work from end to end.

Completing the SDLP’s will take around 70 hours, depending on your study methods – this work is unpaid, but can be performed on your own schedule (recommended to be over two months or less). A dedicated Trainer is available during regular working hours (UTC+1) for answering any questions.

While we cannot guarantee work after completing the training, consider that we were founded in 2000, and release around 11 shoots a week on our site, so we have a constant need for new material –  we are in the business of buying shoots from Contract Shoot Producers. We have an established network of modelling agents, to ensure there are always “raw materials” for you to work with. Everyone who has completed training has had many models available to shoot, and we have bought every shoot produced for us.

The Athena Quiz-taking interface.

ABOVE: The Athena Quiz-taking interface for some assignments.

Model Recruitment

We advertise for models in the Contract Shoot Producer’s jurisdiction, and Contract Shoot Producers may also refer potential models to

Modelling candidates contact us, we arrange a Skype Info Session for us to learn about the model, and for her to learn about us. She is assessed for suitability, and if assessed highly, booked for a shoot with the Contract Shoot Producer, who negotiate a date and time that suits them and the model.

Contract Shoot Producers get a referral fee for models they source of €100, once the model is shot (regardless of who actually shoots them).

Volume of shoots produced

For talented producers, we can buy at least two shoots a month of new models, plus the possibility of additional shoots of those same models, perhaps up to six shoots a month, up to €2,700 per month (6 shoots x €450).

The main limitations to producing more shoots are:

  1. Your proficiency in producing high quality shoots, and
  2. Model availability.

The former is dealt with via the Training materials we make available, and your commitment to understanding and implement the concepts. The latter can be more difficult…


Model Availability


Before you can be considered, there are some prerequisites you must meet.


Able to spend estimated 50 hours in training (over several months).

Access to equipment (at your expense)

HD 1080i video camera, one stills camera, 10MP minimum; video lighting equipment with diffusion modifiers (able to shoot at f8 with gain at 0dB around a room), flash kit with at least two heads. More information on recommended equipment.


Reliable vehicle is recommended, but is not required.


Proficient in at least one medium (stills or video), skills in the other; several years of paying jobs.


This project is only suitable for people 18-plus.


Anywhere! Of particular interest to us are Contrast Shooters in Japan, China, South America, South Africa, India, Pakistan, Ireland, Scotland, Australia, and New Zealand.

Languages spoken

It’s no problem if English is not your first language, but excellent English written and spoken is required for us to communicate.


You shoot exclusively for us, and no other adult sites. You do not provide our models to other adult sites.

Printer and scanner

Able to print B&W and colour documents. The training materials involve printing of several hundred colour pages. Able to scan to multi-page PDF.

Skill level

As a guide, completed 5 paid jobs at US$1000 per job, or equivalent.

Access to models

18 to 30 years old, limited internet exposure, attractive, natural, wholesome, English speaking. Being in an area with a population of at least 1 million, or a jurisdiction with a lot of tourists or university population is strongly recommended to satisfy this requirement.

Formal Education

Formal education in the Arts preferred, but not required.


We are an equal opportunity employer.

Internet connection

At least 5Mb synchronous, higher is better.

Shoot locations

Varied and “on-paradigm”. Sourced at the expense of the Shooter. We will provide many tips for finding and using locations. Studio-shoots are never acceptable. Your own home, and homes of friends, will likely be excellent. Outdoor locations, when temperature is 19°C / 67F or greater.

Local laws

Legal to shoot in your jurisdiction – your responsibility! We recommend you seek legal advice before proceeding, as all risk of adult media production falls to you.


Firefox or Chrome (latest versions) to access Models Database and Post Production Content Management System. MSWord and Excel for training (Google docs is also fine). Smartphone is useful, but not required.

No post production!

You send all raw media captured to us, and our post production team take care of all post production.

Background Check Passed

During the training process, we will look for issues that would concern a model for her safety (for example, assault, battery, sex offender and similar), or concern us as a business (for example, theft, embezzlement, etc). If we find positive matches for these (or similar) results, we may not be able to continue.


What are the deliverables?

The deliverables from a shoot are:

  • Unedited (raw) video media, typically 90 minutes

  • Unedited (RAW+JPG) still images, typically 1100 images (2200 files)

  • Completed Paperwork (Release and similar)

  • ID copy

  • Metadata about scene created

  • Metadata about working with model

When can I start?
As soon as you complete the screening process and are accepted into Training. The screen process is around four hours work. staff will provide the info for the screening process right after you apply (below).

Wait wait wait. I have to pay for *everything*?
Yes, from the fee we pay you, you have to pay for everything – except the model fee (we pay that to the model directly).

  • Shooting location

  • Camera equipment

  • Lighting equipment

  • Assistants (none are recommended for most shoots, but that’s your choice)

  • Food

  • Props (if pre-approved by HQ, we may pay for some)

  • Set dressing

  • Vehicle and related travel expenses (we may reimburse the model for her travel expense, however)

  • Internet transfers

  • Printing

  • Scanning

We pay above average for adult shoot production, but our requirements are more strict.

And all this training is unpaid?

Yes, like most training in life, the 70 hours of training is un-paid. The idea is, once you learn how to produce shoots to our specification, we will buy shoots from you long into the future. We have been going strong since the year 2000!

How do I know that after I do all this training, you’ll actually buy shoots I make?

A few ways.

  • We’re in the business of selling shoots Contract Shooters Produce. It’s what we do. We release around 10 shoots a week on our site, every week.

  • During Training, you don’t make anything that we could sell, so there’s no advantage for us for you to do training, but not buy shoots from you.

  • Training one person is around 30 hours of time for our staff. We’re not going to go to that much effort for no reason!

  • We’re an established, reputable business. You are welcome to call us (our phone number is at the bottom of every page of – not many porn sites do that!). We have been operating profitably in a challenging industry since the year 2000.

However, if you continue to make poor quality shoots (that is, shoots that to not meet our published quality standards), if you work inappropriately with models (for example, you touch them, or demand sexual favours, or ask them to pay you), or you persistently submit incomplete shoot media and associated metadata, we would not buy shoots from you.

How quickly will you pay my invoices?

Our payment terms are officially 14 days, but 7 days is typical. If it’s urgent, we can usually make payment within 24 hours.

Can I speak with some existing Contract Shoot Producers?
You can, we’re proud to connect you with them. They’ll be happy to tell you how it works for them.

But, we’ll only do that after you have been through the screening process, so we do not waste their time.


We don’t want to waste your time, and we try to ensure both our expectations match.
Before applying, please:

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Please be specific regarding how you heard about us - it was likely to be online, of course - which website? If you Googled, what exactly did you google for? Thanks.

Cover Letter (Recommended! Help us learn more about you)
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