Be ethical and virtuous September 5, 2011

Acting ethically is behaving as if everything we do matters.

At work, professional people embody the spirit, fact and tone of ethics, virtues and morals (especially those enshrined in policy). They are enjoyable to work with, and bring out the best in their peers, while acting for the good of the department, company, and community.

At work, professional people are honest and respectful of other people’s opinions; they are proactive in directing their attention to seeing and solving problems fairly and they are highly focussed on the biggest, longest-term wins, while remaining personable and friendly. They keep themselves and their workplace clean, fresh and inspiring.

At work, professional people are loyal to their peers and the company as a whole, and operate with candour – privately where necessary – and are always courteous, while behaving tactfully and with a happy, positive attitude. They are generous with their time and never gossip. Professional people practise prudence and personal discretion. They optimistically, passionately and sincerely share their wisdom by helping others learn and share themselves.

At work, professional people trust each other to hold confidences and are mindful of others’ dignity, hopes, dreams and aspirations. They have a strong sense of self-worth, personal pride, self-discipline, and display tenacity, strength of mind (the ability to stick to one’s purpose) and the goals, vision, and mission of the company.

At work, professional people are serious about serious things, understanding the gravity of a situation, leading others to treat it appropriately. They display bravery without snivelling, are modest, showing humility and accepting compliments for the team, distributing praise when it is due.

Of course, professional people are non-violent, but forthrightly hold their opinions. They have an innate ability to see things as they truly are from a balanced point of view, with a clear consciousness. They are tough on themselves – more so than on others. They actively listen, are temperate in their approach, don’t rush important things, yet revel in the delight of simple everyday occurrences.

Professional people act with resolve. They resolve to perform what they ought, and perform without fail what they resolve.

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