Preparing for your interview

Our vision statement is, Changing the game, and you can bet we expect no less from you!

You put enormous thought and consideration into your resume and cover letter and it’s paid off. You’ve impressed us over the phone, now it’s time to take it to the next level. To help you along, we have prepared this page, including a quiz at the end, so you’re fully prepared for the face-to-face interview.

You should learn more about our products, and more about our company.

Learn about our product

Our main product is our subscription based website, but we also produce DVD’s, and material for VOD, and have a Software as a Service (SaaS) offering. Review these sites for more information: (Note that some of these websites have pictures of naked people on them, and are not suitable for kids or workplaces).
The tour is designed to convert visitors into paying members. Watch the videos and view the images.
Adult websites are often reviewed by industry experts, and we are usually assessed highly. Read the four reviews on The Best Porn, and reviews of other sites in our genres to see how we compare.
Log in to the site (your AW contact will have emailed you a username and password; remember that passwords are case sensitive), and spend time familiarising yourself with what it is and how it works.
We produce DVD’s regularly. We work with a US-based Distributor, Wicked Pictures to create and distribute high quality DVD’s to reinforce our brand. has three equal goals, Sexy, Frictionless and Profitable. These goals are of equal priority, and treated with equal seriousness – in fact, we run every decision we make through our mental “SFP” filter. This ensures everything we do works towards our long term strategic plan (you’ll learn more about our innovative strategic plan when you join us).

“Sexy” has two meanings for us; the literal, the raw provocative-ness media we produce, and the “coolness”, the innovative-ness of the things we do.

Working in the adult industry, we ensure our shoots are sexy, erotic, provocative, and natural, in line with our values, which subvert the dominant paradigm of mainstream porn.

But “sexy” also refers to the game-changing things our employees do every day (we have a list), and include things like new site features, the bounty we place on particularly elegant solutions to day to day problems, and many other things.

Friction can be described as a disturbance that interferes with the normal operation of things. Some examples include, bad phone reception, spam email, getting a cold, being overbilled for electricity, falling off your bike, running late, no milk for your morning coffee – life’s little annoyances.

We believe that in business, there is simply no room for friction. Removing friction allows more time for fun stuff, so we make systems (codified in procedure documents) that prescribe the best way for doing repetitive tasks, but carve out time and clearly identify when creativity or innovation is required.

For example, we think you’d agree that there’s no place for a bookkeeper to be “creative” with payroll, however creating new processes to fix everyday friction by being innovative is encouraged, and is a KPI (Key Performance Indicator) for everyone in the company.

Of course, any company needs to be profitable to continue growing, being sexy and frictionless. We have modest profitability targets, but ambitious growth plans, that all employees contribute to and participate in.


To prepare for your face to face interview, ask yourself, “In my new job with, how will I practically…”:

•    Apply the “sexy” goal?
•    Apply the “frictionless” goal?
•    Apply the “profitable” goal?

We’ll be asking you these questions in your face-to-face interview. We look forward to meeting you! See our Contact page for the important details.

Tip: We’ll be way more impressed if you put numbers around each of your statements, and back up claims with examples from previous roles.


Next: Questions to ask us.

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