Be healthy and safe January 2, 2012

Safety never sleeps.

Professional people are concerned for their own – and others! – health, welfare and safety while at work. While we do not operate in high-risk areas, there are day-to-day safety matters that can apply. It’s beyond the scope of this blog to list them all, and new issues can arise unannounced, so all staff must always be on the lookout for health and safety issues.

Professional people foster a safe work environment, while still being practical and having a vested interest. Less obvious areas of health welfare and safety that we all pay attention to include:

  • Mental health
  • Hate speech
  • Bullying
  • Discrimination (for example, sexism or racism)
  • Caring for other people’s human-ness, compassion for their thoughts and feelings

Professional people proactively manage risks around health, welfare and safety matters, especially in higher-risk environments, such as shoot locations where hazards are more common and even more vigilant when inexperienced people are involved (models).

Of course, professional people drive safely, and ensure all passengers are wearing seat belts before starting on a journey.

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