Commit to excellence May 2, 2011

The harder I work, the luckier I am.

Professional people who deliver excellence consistently are relied upon, given increased responsibility; enjoy more meaningful and satisfying work. They are active in their department and company to deliver excellence in their day-to-day work and projects.

Professional people never accept a “near enough is good enough” mentality and have an intense pride in our work, regardless of its overall perceived importance.

For example, Near Enough is not Good Enough:

You’re asked to provide a report of affiliate performance and determine that the best representation is with a visual aid. You’ve diligently collected all the relevant information, compiled and collated all the information and completed a thorough analysis. You’re running out of time to pull together a chart for a PowerPoint presentation. The chart is done and you’re linking the chart into PowerPoint. All done, with 3 minutes to spare. Oh no! You noticed the chart doesn’t have any units on the axes. What do you do? You think to yourself that people would understand. It’s logical that it’s in Australian dollars.

A professional person would fix the chart and update the axes with the proper units of measure. In doing so, the chart would make more sense and removing any detraction from your work makes the audience focus on the message, and ensure the chart can be used well into the future, without anyone having to guess.

We work with peers who are professional and focussed on meaningful work – work that satisfies a deep-seated desire to do well ourselves – and to help others be their best. We are passionate and proud about using our imagination, creativity and emerging technologies as tool to create excellent results and we’re committed to maintaining that level of quality always.

We benchmark against industry standards, not in mindless pursuit of best-practise-for-best-practise’s-sake, but to improve our own standards to enable the company to reach its goals.

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