Deliver results and long-term value for shareholders July 2, 2010

The buck stops here.

Without question, the fundamental requirement for a manager is to ensure their department delivers results in line with the company goals, and thus long term returns for shareholders. These are measured in Manager’s department-specific Key Performance Indicators.

Manager’s  KPI’s are set based on the business needs, strategic plan, company goals, and are reviewed regularly by company Executives and the Manager. They are designed, by their nature, to be measurable, and have systems in place to ensure they are measured accurately and without ambiguity. This data is organised in the Dashboard, and is accessible to the manager.

KPI’s are structured as the minimum required, perhaps with “stretch targets”, which, if achieved, may result in bonuses. KPI’s may change as business needs or resources change, or as performance increases, and the increased productivity becomes the norm. All department KPI’s are important.

Managers also ensure their staff have clearly understood, measurable KPI’s that comply with the Setting KPI’s policy, and feed directly into the department KPI’s (The GM ensures that the department KPI’s feed into the business KPI’s).

Professional managers plan, develop, implement, manage and participate in activities that will achieve the target results.

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