Manage staff performance in Performance Reviews January 5, 2010

Never react: lead! Never help: empower!

Professional managers manage the performance of their staff with the established performance review system, consisting of these areas:

  • Principles of… documents
  • KPI assessments
  • Reviewing achievements
  • Project agreements being met
  • 360o feedback

Each of these are broken down and assessed on a 1 to 5 scale, ensuring fair and thorough assessments, providing feedback that can be acted upon by measurable KPI’s in staffs’ Position Descriptions, Principles-of policies and pay grades.

These areas are assessed company-wide at three-monthly intervals and are focussed on planning for following three months, based on the previous three months’ performance.  The manager works with the employee to establish and clarify their personal hopes, dreams and aspirations, how they relate to their working life and greater career. Performance Reviews are also the time to provide feedback on the employee’s professionalism (using the relevant Principles-of…), providing clear linkage between their personal goals and their performance, to allow the manager to help them achieve their goals.

Each of these areas is addressed formally each three months, but has aspects discussed informally in day-to-day interactions: this is a different principal, Active management.

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