Recruit talented people and exit staff gracefully April 3, 2010

Attract and retain high calibre employees.

Recruiting and exiting staff are key duties of managers. High calibre staff may be skilled but must be talented. There are complete and effective systems in place around these duties, which must be followed. Recruiting and exiting staff is not an art, no creativity is required (of course, a lot of manager’s discretion is allowed). Policy and procedural systems are in place to ensure Managers are supported, and the company’s needs are met.

Recruiting staff

Managers get the staff they deserve.

In our Recruiting and employing staff procedure, managers perform a set of duties that are supported by the work done last time this role (or a similar role) was recruited. The system is designed to minimise work by the manager, while ensuring the highest quality people are recruited to grow the department, follow our strategy, and meet our goals.

The fundamental characteristics and personality of talented people we want are integrity, intelligence (not formal education, necessarily), and maturity. These people must have the 4-Es and 1-P: Positive Energy, Energises others, Edge, Execute, and Passion (from the book by Jack Welch, Winning, from our reading list)

Once a person has been selected for the role, Managers drive our New employee roll-up procedure, ensuring that from the day the employee starts work, they are set up to succeed, and know what is expected of them. Managers organise and implement a structured induction for all new employees, to ensure they understand the business and what it’s goals are, as well as how it works, and where they fit in.

These first two months of an employee’s time with the company are designed to ensure that, from the start of the third month, the employee can contribute thoroughly and productively to the department and company goals, while understanding the underlying reasons for these goals, and the strategic approach required by the company.

Exiting staff

Graceful exits.

Managers coordinate graceful exits for departing staff – regardless of the reason for their departure – that allows the exiting person to feel they were treated fairly and valued, provides care to those left behind, and minimises risk to the company by ensuring all administrative details are cared for. Our Exiting employee roll-down procedure provides extensive guidance for this process, and must be followed, and improved upon where possible.

Managers consider the possible negative effects of leaving staff, so they can anticipate and action potential problems with the exiting staffer (instead of reacting to them after they have caused stress and ill-feeling).

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