Web Development Mission Statement March 1, 2012

Web Dev Mission Statement

Motivated by principles of social collaboration, we deliver elegant, responsive, and powerful web applications, by embracing an open source philosophy, harnessing excellent creative and technical talent, and engaging in highly adaptive and flexible methodologies. Our customers and colleagues find our software to be unmatched in our industry.

WebDev Operational Goals


We make decisions at the “last responsible moment”: Never so early that we exclude opportunity, never so late that we create obstacles to implementation of our plan. Our methodologies avoid “Big Design Up Front” and ensure that we are able to quickly adapt to changing market conditions as well as a changing requirements from within.


Our software and systems are self-documenting and easy to use. We use familiar idioms wherever possible. We keep easy things easy, while making hard things possible. This approach applies to our end-user products as well as our internal code architecture. We use industry recognised visual and software design patterns wherever possible.


Our software and systems emphasise collaboration on all levels. Collaboration between team members within the department diffuses knowledge, eliminates key man issues, and enables scalability. Collaboration between departments reduces friction and enables company-wide efficiency. Collaboration among users promotes a sense of community leading to higher retention and improved brand image while adding valuable meta-data to our products.

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