Example shoot review

Below, an example shoot review, the first shoot this producer made for abbywinters.com. Where there are many technical issues identified in the review, technical assessments only make up a small part of the overall assessment.

See the shoot on the abbywinters.com site (note, only paying customers will see the full shoot; guests will see a selection of stills and a short promotional video).

This shoot was assessed at 3.3 for stills and 3.2 for video (unusually good for a first-time shooter!), meaning we paid €450.


“Alba” solo shoot sample.

General Stills notes:
– Please shoot RAW+JPG. JPGs can be small (~1mb)
– For stills, prefer landscape whenever there is a choice (our customers monitors are all landscape)
– What camera did you use? Please add this to the post shoot admin template in future

Pose variety and exploration depth at highest level: 3
Max posing level: OL(!)
Unique poses at max level: 8

(1) 135 sitting, legs apart. Again at 153, 179. Good coverage at diff stages.
(2) 142, all-fours, bum up. REALLY well covered! (also 184)
(3) 160, on tummy, legs apart from behind. Needs deeper exploration
(4) 171, on knees, head down. Needs deeper exploration (great pose, though)
(5) 196, on back, legs up in hammock. Needs deeper exploration
(6) 202, on tummy on hammock. Needs deeper exploration
(7) 205, on side in hammock. Needs deeper exploration.
(8) 213, thrusting hips up in hammock. Excellent coverage!

Had you explored these more deeply, this would be a 4, most def. Next time?

145 and 161 are excellent poses. Never seen them before!

Sexiness, not continuity: 4
The extra effort made with props and her interaction with them kept this shoot really squarely on the path for sexiness in every shot. Excellent job!

The water spilling and spitting felt un-planned, which is great. What will you do next time like this? :)

Strongly fetish- and SUBA-based: 4
You listed her SUBA as “SUBA: Flexibility, skinny body, nice breasts”. Remember what SUBA stands for: SINGLE unique best attribute. In this case, her SUBA should have been either flexibility, or skinny (her breasts are fine, but definitely not SUBA-worthy!). So, it’s best to choose ONE SUBA, use it in this shoot, and use the other in the next shoot you make of her!

However, you did cover these three aspects very well, again, the props she used really help emphasise this.

Adopt a tease-payoff, tease-payoff approach: 5!
– First bra reveal: teased bra strap under top. Too top off with back to camera. Solid.
– First panty reveal: Teased when taking leggings off with glimpses. Careful removal of shorts, well-covered.
– First nipple reveal: Excellent, with blue top. Careful, methodical, really good.
– First breast reveal: Great tease at 030! Excellent work, with blue top spread out in first half. Really well-executed teasing!
– First pubic region reveal: Teased with leggins removal. Teased with tight shorts while bending over ball. Teased with mooseknuckle and pink strap (110). Teased with water spillage. Teased again with pulling panties aside. Overall, EXCELLENT
– First anus reveal: Not much teasing while clothed, other than coincidental.
– First labia reveal: Extension of excellent pubic region work; teasing by dragging panties and pink elastic strap. Excellent with white bandage, and again with pink elastic strap at end.

How could you tease anus more in this shoot?

This is the first 5 ever awarded for a solo shoot! Your work with her breasts teasing, pubic region teasing and labia teasing were perfectly realised. Congrats!

Clothing USED effectively: 4
– Blue stockings under shorts, taking off – great idea!
– Taking swimming top off under upside down blue shirt, great! You really played with this a lot, and it worked well.
– in your shoot plan, you said “At the end of the shoot, a gym jacket will be on.” – that would have been good to see!

Use personal props expose unique and intimate details: 3
You used a bunch of props very well. They were not established as being hers (perhaps if we had some shots of her on the street with the straps hanging out of her bag?), but certainly by the end of the shoot, they became more personal). If these were better-established as hers, this would be a 4.

– Fit ball is a great idea for a shoot, provides so many options! Leaving it in shot for extra colour worked well.
– Small bar-bells give some great opportunities to see how her body works, excellent idea. You came up with a bunch of poses that are original and interesting (eg, 092), I would like to have seen even more (a simple internet search would have a bunch of exercise ideas to do)
– Pink elastic – wow, you really went to town on this one!
– Drinking / spilling from water bottle, perfect little side-bit, water dripping of breast (118) is incredibly tactile (easy to imagine touching it / licking it) – water bottles are good personal props, but more could be done to establish it’s actually hers
– Using a selfie stick is a great idea as a personal props – any chance we can get the pictures to edit in to the set?
– Making “shorts” from the bandage was a great idea, put me in mind of the art of Japanese rope typing (Shibari, http://www.hikarikesho.com/hikarikesho/fineart6/foto-fineart-hillylandscape.htm).
– Seeing her pull the bandage from her bag, or her personal first-aid kit would have established it as being more personal.

Technical: 1
Numerous technical problems affect the quality of this shoot – details below.

Technical assessments

Lighting: 3
Solid. Using the poly fill, and the sheet overhead helped keep it even.

066 is the best-lit shot of the shoot. How could you make more shoots like this (for the entire shoot?). The detail on the fabric is excellent, and makes her breasts look very appealing.

Exposure: 3
Solid. Some motion blur issues meant some otherwise-excellent shots had to be removed, however the remaining images still make a great set.

When shooting in natural light, as a guide, shutter speed should be the same as your lens length (eg, shooting at 70mm, you can hand-hold at 1/70th of a second). In this case, you should have upped the ISO, to get greater DoF, and faster shutter speed.

White Balance: 1
You shot on Auto WB. Please never, EVER do that again! It adds a lot of extra work. Best to use a WB card at the start of the scene, and only change the WB if the light changes.

Close-Up: 2
041 is a great shot, but we need an XCU of her vulva here!

XCU’s are not close enough (eg, nipple 083). Did you use the Close-up adapter lens?

Focus and DoF: 2
Generally good, but in some shots, the shallow DoF is a problem – eg, 144. Her face AND vulva should be in focus.

Framing and composition: 2
019 – Should be landy, 33% of frame wasted! Same for 031, 048, 110, 169, 212,
158 – We always want to fill the frame with the model. Crop this kind of shot much tighter in future (excellent pose… but to much scene, not enough model).

Grooming: 2
The amount of regrowth she has is not acceptable (see 126). If she could have shaved on the morning of the shoot, that may have fixed it (so long as she did not get red marks). Otherwise, she needs to shave carefully, and we shoot her the next day.

Must-Have shots captured: 2
Missing anus XCU.

The NFBSN shot (and the reverse) are both great, but tacked on the end like an afterthought – better if you can integrate them into the set somehow?

Additionals (DR, backstage): 1
Not shot at all?!

Backstage shots were all EXCELLENT!

Clothing selection: 2
The “fluroescent” yellow top is too much – seems to be no way to process it so it looks correct. YES, we want colourful… but not THAT colourful. Her shorts and tights were excellent!

Seems like she was wearing a swimming top? We only want models to wear swimwear when they are in, near or around water (eg, beach, swimming pool etc). In this scenario, it’s not preferred. A sports bra would be more appropriate.

Pink gloves are a nice touch! :)

Environment selection: 3
Good. Sometimes, the stick-fence was a little drab – adding the green sheet thing made a big difference for the better, and the triangle flags helped. The fit-ball also helped. What else could you have done?



Pose variety and exploration depth at highest level: 3
Max posing level:
Unique poses at max level:
(1) @21.29. Sitting up, leaning back. Good coverage, more @25.35, @28.28
(2) @23.35. all-fours, bum up. Good coverage
(3) @26.47. standing, legs apart, pink strap. Good coverage.
(4) @28.03. Lying on back, legs up. Good coverage. Again @37.46
(5) @29.07. All fours. More coverage preferred
(6) @29.19. On side. Good coverage
(7) @33.07. On hammock, legs apart. More coverage preferred.
(8) @35.39. On back on hammock, pelvis up. Excellent!

I have treated the EXP poses as OL, as if there were less manipulation of her labia, they would be good for OL.

If there was a little more coverage and a few more poses, this would be an easy 4. As it is, it’s a very solid 3.

Sexiness, not continuity: 4
@01:16, the towel has turned around from the previous shot. This is a good example of sexiness not continuity. Her turning the towel around is was not that that sexy (would be if she was nude), but the way it’s edited, it does “break” “official” continuity – but that’s TOTALLY FINE! Always go for the sexiest shots, as you have here. Good job!

@03:31, similar deal to the previous shot. This is fine.

In a lot of the early exercise shots, she’s not looking to camera much. Do you think it would be better if she looked at the camera? (thus, connected with the viewer, acknowledge them watching her)

Your video edited together very smoothly, which means you provided the editor with a good range of shots. This is ideal.

Strongly fetish- and SUBA-based: 3
Exploited her slimness and flexibility well.

Adopt a tease-payoff, tease-payoff approach: 3
– First bra reveal: Teased well under top while on ball.
– First panty reveal: Teasted well when removing leggings. Careful reveal with buttocks.
– First nipple reveal: Excellent teasing as close as possible around @14.00, and excellent first proper reveal, careful, and well-captured.
– First breast reveal: Teased well while on ball, making them swell up (eg, 03:58). Teased rolling up yellow top @ 05.38 (great CU!) @13.00, series with blue leggings is excellent.
– First pubic region reveal: Teased and revealed close together, @ 21.35
– First buttock reveal: careful and controlled @17.13, very good
– First anus reveal: @23:42. Some coincidental teasing before.
– First labia reveal: Teased with water on panties, and many cameltoe shots.

Clothing used effectively: 4
– @ 04.46, tights off under shorts, excellent idea, well shot
– @11:08, using blue tights as bra, excellent. Having it so tight over her breasts @15.20 shows how her breasts “work”, and help us imagine how they might feel. Really excellent!

Use personal props expose unique and intimate details: 3
– Love the opening shot, using the hair tie, and adding some mystery. :)
– 00:53, fave sport, while stretching upside down, lovely! Made me lol
– @30.47, mobile phone and selfie stick, good

As for stills, more work should have been done to personalise the exercise gear, but going to get the hammock from inside was a nice touch (rather then just cutting to a shot of her in the hammock).

Video only: Conversation exposes model’s unique personality: 2
Great you did the opening greeting in English, def makes it better!

I don’t speak Spanish, but at 04:18, I am sure she is saying, “Gee, it’s hot out here!” – the go-to technique for every shooter to motivate clothing removal! Hard to pull it off when it’s snowing tho! But really, there no need to make a reason for her to get naked. Our customers willingly suspend their disbelief.

@11.57, it would have been nice to have her talking about how she likes her breasts to be touched, so we could use that audio under the video of her playing with her blue leggings

@33.14, @34.00, these are excellent poses to ask sexual questions in!

@36.24, missed opportunity for questions around this, while she does this activity
– how does that feel?
– What are some other things you can do with your labia that feels good?
– What do you like others to do with your labia?
– How should labia NOT be touched?
– How far open can you pull your labia?

(of course, these are suitable for the Explicit posing level)

It was a shame there was so little talking in this shoot. It seems like, you simply did not ask her many questions! Consider being more prepared with questions.

Video only: Models moves and is active: 4
Stretches at beginning are good, but apparently when warming up for an exercise, people should do joint rotations (not stretches – they are best to do AFTER exercising). And in fact, joint rotations at this stage would be more interesting to see, as they will involve a lot of wobbling. The pace of the stretches is a little too slow (as they should be!) so are better suited to the end, than the beginning. But this is not a big deal at all.

@ 03:01, @03:07, the pelvic movements she does are extremely provocative. Great!

@07:27 (for example) these movements with the ball show off her physicality extremely well!

@19.48, using the weights is a great way to get her to move.

@26:17, such a great prop to use, and well covered. Would have been good to have her talk about how it feels between her labia, and also to start with it spread out flat, then twisted up.

Technical: 1
Many technical problems.

Technical assessments

Lighting: 3

Exposure: 1
It seems you increased the Gain during the video, perhaps to 9dB (the effect of this is made worse by recording at 720). It is essential AW shoots are never shot at again setting of above 3dB, and 0dB is strongly preferred – this is because of the quality loss. Instead, add more light.

There were two large chunks of dust on the elns for the entire shoot. Not show how you could not see them! Please always use a lens-brush, a few times during the shoot.

@22.45, @27:42, this is under-exposed.

White Balance: 3

Close-Up: 3
@07:53, excellent! Even better if she had clenched her buttock muscles!
@09.52, excellent, glad you noticed and captured this (next time, no zooming!)
@13.03, excellent. Excellent activity, light, capture. Perfect!
@20:01, excellent!
@20:49, excellent!
@22:53, great shot but stubble is not acceptable
@22.15, excellent, but stubble is not acceptable
@36:56, interesting idea, well shot (bad stubble, bad exposure)

Focus and DoF: 3

Framing and composition: 3
Around 01:10, you have her stretching in a wide shot (very good shot). Where possible, it’s best to separate her from the background, in this case, a metre closer to you (if you can move the camera back a metre as well?). I imagine it’s a small balcony, so maybe not possible, but please keep in mind, keep the model away from the background is always better.

Around 02:13, 06:28, seems like you are zoomed in. For AW videos, ALWAYS be full wide, and reposition the camera (instead of zooming). Zooming takes the customer away from the model, having the camera physically close is like having my head, my eyes that close to the model, with the peripheral vision I would see if I was there. Close, and wide always for video (but never for stills!)

Audio (video only): 1
Terrible quality (seems like an omni-directional mic was used, should be a directional / shotgun mic.

Grooming: 1
Seems like she had some eye make-up on in the video?

Pubic hair regrowth is not acceptable (I think video shot a day later?)

Must-Have shots captured: 1
Must-Have-shots: % 16/20, 20% missing.
– undies front missing
– undies back missing
– bum mid CU missing
– bum and face HWR missing

Max-Posing-Level 35% (expected, 50%)

@10.32, I assume this is the both-breasts-in-bra must have? There needs to be more movement (as it is, it’s kind of like a still image).

As it’s a closeup, it must be a small movement, for example, raising her arms out parallel to the floor, for example (like what you did at 19:08, but MUCH slower), or slowly shrugging her shoulders, or slowly pushing her breasts together a LITTLE with her arms.

Additionals (tagging video): 1
Tagging video not shot.

Clothing selection: 3
(same notes as for stills)

Environment selection: 3
(same notes as for stills)


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