Administer and keep thorough records February 1, 2011

Think of your successor.

Managers perform administrative duties, with a view to succession planning. They have a deputy and actively develop a successor. They immediately start working on leaving the department stronger and more self-sufficient than when they came.

Managers use the Profile Database (PDB) extensively to record interactions with companies, contractors and staff, updating it regularly in line with the PDB Use procedure. Professional managers ensure PDB updates are made with 8 business hours, and always resist the temptation to “batch process” less regularly. Managers create, manage, organise and file paperwork with respect and attention to detail, ensuring that any document can be found in 15 seconds, by any authorised person.

Managers are concerned with the security and confidentiality of information (contact info, rates of pay, agreements, confessions, disciplinary incidents, equipment, data, documents, etc), and follow the Principles of Security to ensure these are always treated appropriately.

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