Reduce friction by making systems March 3, 2011

How can we never have to do this again?

Managers ask themselves: “How can we never have to do this again?” (or, “How can we never be in this situation again?”) and aggressively create systems (and provide training) that deal with these issues, following the Principles of reducing friction by making systems policy. The next time that issue arises, it is simply dealt with by staff, following the established system.

Using the company list of systems that need creating, Managers maintain a prioritised list of things that should never happen again and systemise them as the priority dictates. The company measures its goal of Frictionless based on the amount of systems that are yet to be created.

Managers create systems that can be used by employees, with minimal manager involvement. They ensure employees study systems while following them, with a view to removing steps and refining the system, while ensuring the same quality of output.

Managers aggressively cause staff to update systems when new edge cases are encountered, ensuring that next time that occurs, no discussion needs to be had – people simply follow the revised system.

Refer to the Principles of reducing friction by making systems for more details.

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