Meet Company objectives September 4, 2010

True to the company vision mission and goals in fact and tone.

The company’s objectives are its vision, mission, goals, strategies, plans and projects, and the priorities surrounding those. Professional managers ensure that all aspects of the management of the business are subject to critical analysis, to identify trends and anomalies.

Managers always work to achieve the company’s objectives, following company principles (even if they personally disagree with them). Managers must never pitch their superiors as the “bad cop”, for example presenting a task like “I think this is dumb, but it’s what the boss wants, so…”. Managers are always true to the company vision in fact and tone.

Managers always work to ensure the company’s interests and employee’s interests are as closely aligned as possible. Should there be a conflict, the manager works to bring the employee around to the company’s vision, never the opposite. Managers never use a “white knight” approach (championing staff interests over the company’s).

Something that is good for staff interests is not necessarily good for the company – the company as a whole comes before any one staff member. Of course, it is the managers job to bring the two together and create a balance, but the company is always highest priority.

Managers communicate and reinforce company vision, mission, goals and strategies, and help staff understand what role their work plays in the bigger picture. Managers encourage that staff must work for long term growth and security, not just the immediate needs (for example, fulfilling a duty in a “quick and dirty” way, versus doing it once, right, but taking a little longer).

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